One weekend, I was perusing the games at the store on the XB1, I was looking for something new and different – something that was going to hold my interest. I found that in Vigor. Watch the official trailer: About Vigor Developer/Publisher: Bohemia Interactive Platform: Xbox One Released: Founder’s PackContinue Reading


We’re going back to the 1980s for this throwback, with Pac-Man and the very first Prince of Persia. Both games became quite popular, had sequels, and movies made from them – the Pac-Man movies were, of course, animated and the Prince of Persia movie was The Sands of Time. Pac-Man Developer:Continue Reading

On 1 October 2019, Bungie released the newest DLC to Destiny 2, Shadowkeep as well as New Light. With those releases came the news of Bungie’s future plans for a new game. IGN Interviews CEO Pete Parsons IGN interviewed Bungie’s CEO Pete Parsons, who revealed that the new game is an effort toContinue Reading


The Evil Within is a game that I have a love/hate relationship with, I love how scary it is, but I hate that it scares the hell out of me and that I get my arse kicked by the guy with the cage (or whatever it is) on his head.Continue Reading


Project Resistance Teaser Trailer Released In August 2019, Capcom revealed that they were working on their next project for the Resident Evil series. During this time the developer was in the process of recruiting Resident Evil Ambassadors to play test for ‘a brand-new game’, details were scarce. This new gameContinue Reading


What up Nerdlings! My name is Jazzibelle (my parental units had a sick sense of humor), my gamertag is JazziKlown, but you can call me Jazzi. Who’s Your Favorite Klown? My parental units had different ideas on what to name me and decided to agree to disagree on my name.Continue Reading


Yo Nerds! We meet again! This time, I got jokes. A’ight let’s be real, I got memes, which can be just as funny. Ya know, I might just have to share some of my jokes. I’ll keep ’em clean…mostly. So yeah, let’s do this. Call of Duty Circus    Continue Reading


Hey Nerds! Whassup? I’m Jazzi & I’m going to tell you why I don’t like Warframe, even though I continue to play it. It’s not mechanics or gameplay, it’s something even simpler than that. One Warframe, Two Warframes, Three Warframes, Four Alright, here we go. I like games that letContinue Reading

On August 29, 2109, Capcom announced that they’re going to release the next installment in the Resident Evil series. They have a small teaser trailer site set up for the game, which they launched on this past Thursday – a little over seven months since the release of the ResidentContinue Reading