If you your game is crashes/freezes a lot (and often), you can take some steps to fix them on your own. Sometimes all it takes is re-installing the game, but it could also be a game issue,

When a game crashes you can try the following steps.

  • Force Stop the Game. On the Home screen move your ‘cursor’ over the game you were , press the start button (the button with three lines) on your controller,  then choose quit.
  • Power Cycle Your Console. Unplug your console, wait 30-60 seconds, plug it back in.
  • Re-install the Game. If  the crashing/freezing happen during the same game, you’ll need uninstall it, then re-install it in  Manage My Apps & Games, or from the disk if that’s how you installed it.

Some games are likely to crash more, especially early access, new games, beta testing games, etc. Check for updates often, this can help make games more stable and less likely to crash and/or freeze.

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