My son has had this ongoing problem with his XB1, no mid-range sound – and sometimes, no sound at all. So of course, me being me, I put on my nerdly superhero cape and yell out, “I CAN FIX THAT!”. Two hours later (don’t ask), and it was done.

There are not many known issues with XB1’s audio settings.  Fortunately, when there is an issue, it’s not because of the hardware. There are a few things you can try before contacting Microsoft.

Possible Fixes

The issue with your audio could be one of a couple of things – from a bad connection to a software setting. The good news is, this may not cost you anything to fix. The bad news, it may cost you up to $20 for a new cable.

  • Go into your Settings > Display & Sound > Audio Output. Select the audio format that you’re using with your console. If you’re unsure, select Stereo Uncompressed. Personally, I have both options set to Stereo Uncompressed because I’m weird like that – you don’t have to be weird like me, but no one will judge you if you are. 🙂
  • So you checked and made sure everything was connected like it’s supposed to be – both ends are nice and snug in their rightful ports. If you’re still having problems, then you may need a new HDMI/Optical cable. When you buy a new cable, make sure to keep the receipt, just in case that’s not the problem – because if it’s not, it’s time to contact Microsoft (return the cable after you talk to MS).
  • If you connect your console to the cable box directly, unplug everything – the XB1 and the cable box.  Wait 30-60 seconds, give the cache time to clear, then plug everything back in.
  • Some cable boxes have their own audio settings, for this you’ll need to check with your cable/internet provider.

The above should help get your sound back on and/or working properly, if not then you’ll need to take your XB1 in and have it checked out.


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