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Resident Evil: Project Resistance Teaser Trailer Released


Project Resistance Teaser Trailer Released

In August 2019, Capcom revealed that they were working on their next project for the Resident Evil series. During this time the developer was in the process of recruiting Resident Evil Ambassadors to play test for ‘a brand-new game’, details were scarce.

This new game was to be called Project Resistance, and it is hinting at a four player co-op game along the same line as Resident Evil: Outbreak, where player could team up with other players to complete objectives.

On their trailer reveal site, Capcom promised more details about Project Resistance during the 2019 Tokyo Game Show, which takes place September 11th through the 15th, and today the trailer was released, ahead of the event.

The trailer implies that there will be a 4v1 multiplayer game for Project Resistance, with the one person controlling the influx of zombies, lickers and … Mr X.

On the teaser trailer reveal site, there’s a message that says more information will be revealed on 12 September at 12 a.m. (UTC).

Check out the trailer on the trailer reveal site or below:



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