On August 29, 2109, Capcom announced that they’re going to release the next installment in the Resident Evil series. They have a small teaser trailer site set up for the game, which they launched on this past Thursday – a little over seven months since the release of the Resident Evil 2 remake received outstanding reviews. At this time, the teaser trailer site has little more than the promise of a reveal and footage of gameplay to be shown on 9/9/2019 @ 3 p.m. UTC, in Tokyo @ the Tokyo Game Show 2019.

Everything We Know So Far About Project Resistance

What platforms will Project Resistance be available on?

The teaser site shows that the game will be available for: PS4, XBox One, and PC (via Steam).

Project Resistance won’t be available on Switch at the time of release, but it is possible that it could come out later for it. The site mentions that Project Resistance will be available on current gen consoles but not the upcoming ones (Project Scarlett, PS5)

When is the Project Resistance release date?

September 9, 2019 is the date that Capcom and the teaser site has given. If you go to the teaser site at 3 p.m. UTC, you can watch a full trailer and gameplay footage on the day of the release.

The Leaked Images

On August 29, 2019, images from the new Resident Evil project were leaked through Reddit and Twitter. The images show a group of four characters that look like playable characters getting ready to go kick some zombie arse. Resident Evil has done well with co-op mode before with the two-player Revelations spin-off being the series’ best.

When Is The Release Date for RE: Project Resistance?

There’s no official release date … yet, but with it being available only to the current gen consoles, and not the next gen (XBox Scarlett or PS5), this hints that RE: Project Resistance could be out late 2019 or early 2020.

Since the new gen consoles are going to be released around holiday 2020, it would serve Capcom best to release RE: Project Resistance soon so that they can maximize the game’s shelf life. However, it’s expected that Scarlett and PS5 will be able to run games from the older consoles, so players just might be able to play RE: Project Resistance on the new gen consoles after all. Capcom is possibly working on a version of RE: Project Resistance for the next gen consoles, but right now, that’s just speculation.

What Else Can You Tell Us?

Patience! You need to be patient! *LOL* I’m kidding!

If you go the the teaser trailer site, you can catch members of the development team showing gameplay at the Capcom booth for the entire time of the Tokyo Game Show, which ends on September 15th.

Whether or not Capcom will be live-streaming their sessions isn’t clear, but it’s expected that their will be some kind of hands-on showcase. The RE: Project Resistance site shows that the Tokyo Game Show 2019 attendants, who are residents of Japan, will be given the opportunity to play an early version of the game. Tickets will be given out on a first come, first serve basis every morning beginning September 12.

For more information, players will need to wait for Capcom’s Tokyo Game Show 2019.

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