What up Nerdlings! My name is Jazzibelle (my parental units had a sick sense of humor), my gamertag is JazziKlown, but you can call me Jazzi.

Who’s Your Favorite Klown?

My parental units had different ideas on what to name me and decided to agree to disagree on my name. So instead of naming me Jezabel (dad’s idea) or Annabelle (mum’s idea), for some unknown, bizarre reason, they agreed on Jazzibelle. I truly believe there was drugs involved in that decision. Who would want to name their daughter Jezebel? The name of a harlot in the Bible? C’MON! I could’ve lived with the name Annabelle and I’m okay with Jazzibelle, but damn, couldn’t they give me some kind of normal name or something exotic?

izzy-clown-feel-ineI’m a sophomore in college and like any good klown, I kinda sorta have my life figured out. My major is Crime & Criminology, my minor is Journalism, and I’m the newest face here at Guardian Down.

I love clowns (and harlequins). I like the mystery and intrigue of what lies behind the face paint. Harlequins are beautiful, clowns are just funny…unless they’re chasing you with a machete, then they’re just bloody scary.

I play video games when I’m not in class, studying, or working. And when I’m not doing any of that, I’m lending a hand here – since I’m a klown, what better way for me to help than share the funny shite and give my opinion, even if no one asked for it.

I dig play Call of Duty BO3 PvP, so many whiny arsed biatches (Lokhi says I have to censor myself bc we’re listed as a kid safe site) to mess with, so little time. I also play Destiny 2 PvP, but there’s just not enough ragers for me to enjoy. Yes, I tend to troll some ho’s when I play PvP, it’s how I enjoy the match(es).

I’m engaged to my soulmate, also a klown (even if he denies being one). We have three dogs, two cats, four birds, and two snakes. We’re pretty much a three ring circus and we like it like that. We foster most of them, the two cats and one of the dogs belong to us.

There’s not much more to tell about me, but my picture up there it’s not me and I didn’t make it. That beautiful picture was made by Feel-ine and it’s called Izzy Clown and it can be found on Deviant Art.

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