On 1 October 2019, Bungie released the newest DLC to Destiny 2, Shadowkeep as well as New Light. With those releases came the news of Bungie’s future plans for a new game. IGN Interviews CEO Pete Parsons IGN interviewed Bungie’s CEO Pete Parsons, who revealed that the new game is an effort toContinue Reading


Project Resistance Teaser Trailer Released In August 2019, Capcom revealed that they were working on their next project for the Resident Evil series. During this time the developer was in the process of recruiting Resident Evil Ambassadors to play test for ‘a brand-new game’, details were scarce. This new gameContinue Reading

On August 29, 2109, Capcom announced that they’re going to release the next installment in the Resident Evil series. They have a small teaser trailer site set up for the game, which they launched on this past Thursday – a little over seven months since the release of the ResidentContinue Reading


Kyle Giersdorf a.k.a. Bugha, professional Fortnite player, has become the victim of swatting. Bugha took first place in the Fortnite World Cup Solo competition.in July. He had 59 points, 23 of those coming from eliminations, over six rounds played at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York. Bugha Swatted, StillContinue Reading

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On August 1, 2019, Bungie announced that they were pushing back the release date of Shadowkeep and New Light. The new release date is October 1, 2019. The Announcement Luke Smith and Mark Knowsworthy announced that they felt that Shadowkeep and New Light needed more work and it would takeContinue Reading


The Fortnite World Cup started on July 26th and ended on July 28th, 2019. There were over 40 million players (after being qualified) and $10 million in prizes in prize money given out. Fortnite players from around the world joined on a LAN, to compete. The individual prize was theContinue Reading


E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) 2019 is a week long event that gamers (among others), from around the world, flock to every year. E3 officially ran from June 11 to June 13. The press conferences three days prior to the actual event and included developers such as Bethesda, Microsoft, EA Play,Continue Reading


Microsoft and Sony have both announced they’re coming out with next generation (next gen) consoles. Microsoft will release Project Scarlett and Sony will release PS5 (PlayStation 5). So let’s see what’s in store for us. Project Scarlett At E3 2019, Microsoft announced that they will be releasing their next console,Continue Reading

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On June 6, Bungie announced that we (Guardians) would be returning to the moon, where new Nightmares have risen. A mysterious, towering keep has been built. Who (or what) built it? Shadowkeep Shadowkeep is going to be the next expansion and, if the rumors are correct, it will lead intoContinue Reading